Providencia Es Pasion

Weather & Climate

This is the Caribbean so it's normally a hot and sunny climate every day. Average temperatures are typically between 25° and 30°C year round. The rainy season is characterised by the odd intense downpour followed by clear blue skies - the rainy season is the month of October. The rest of the year the weather is dry and sunny, though the months of May and June see very slightly more rain. Anytime is a good time to visit Providencia - there's no season or months to be avoided as such.

Take note that Providencia does not experience any hurricanes. The area affected by hurricanes only begins a few hundred kilometres to the North. This is one of the reasons that Providencia was a pirate haven in past centuries - there's (almost) never any hurricanes or extreme weather to damage boats. Hurricane season in the rest of the Caribbean is normally from July to October.

When to Visit

The peak tourism season sees more flights arriving on the island, and an increase in hotel prices. Mid December to mid January, the Easter period and mid June to early August are the most popular months to visit Providencia.

Special dates and times to visit Providcencia include the island's carnival in late June (carnival lasts for a few days from around 20 June and consists of traditional dances, parades and parties), or even better in late April or early May. In late April, huge armies of enormous black crabs start descending from the mountains to lay their eggs in the sea - a couple of weeks later they all make their return trip back from the sea to the mountains. At this time, traffic is banned in much of the island, which actually changes colour as a result of this amazing natural event. The army is even brought in to guard the crabs. It has been said that, in past centuries, pirate attacks where aborted as a result of the fear experienced by the pirates moored offshore upon seeing Providencia change from green to black in colour!

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