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1. There are two banks with ATM machines in Providencia - international credit cards are accepted, changing travellers cheques might prove problematical though.

2. Taxis can easily be picked up at the airport, or hailed on the single main road that circumvents the island. A taxi from the airport to your hotel should cost about 18,000 Colombian pesos (about US$8). To hail a passing taxi on the street to take you to a different part of the island usually costs less than this (airport prices are premium).

3. Don't for a second believe there's any terrorism, guerillas or crime in this part of Colombia. This is the Caribbean - chilled out and very safe. Colombia's guerilla problems are thousands and thousands of kilometres away from Providencia.

4. The tourist office is found in the centre of town next to the pier. The helpful staff can offer plenty of advice about Providencia.

Below you'll find some interesting articles written by journalists about Providencia. Almost everyone raves about Providencia and what a wonderful place it is to visit.

10 Best Destinations to Visit in 2009 - the Times (UK) points out that Providencia has been listed by the Lonely Planet guidebook series as one of the Top 10 destinations to visit in 2009. This well known British newspaper describes Providencia as an "untarnished corner of the Caribbean that outdazzles any paradise postcard".

Guardian article about Providencia - British journalist Chris Moss enjoys the relaxed pace of life in Providencia in 2009. - an article by this well regarded magazine reveals how a brief stop for a quick boat repair turned into a 5 week stay at the "secret island" of Providencia.

CNN Traveller Magazine - some fascinating information on the history of Providencia can be found here.

More resources for planning a vacation to Providencia Island can be found using the following websites.

Official Tourism Portal - Colombia's official tourism website offers advice about amazing Providencia.

Posadas Turisticas de Colombia - has details of the cheaper accommodation options on the island.

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