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Where is Providencia?

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Though owned (for many years) by Colombia, Providencia Island (or Old Providence as it is sometimes referred to) is geographically nearer Nicaragua, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. With such a strategic location in the middle of the Caribbean, it's easy to see why so many pirates used it as their base in past centuries.

Map of Providencia

Map of Providencia Island, Colombia

The above map shows the main regions of Providencia Island. To the South West are the island's finest beaches at Bahia Manzanillo and Bahia Sur Oeste. The North East coast around Maracaibo Bay and Cayo Cangrejo have some of the most beautiful views and landscapes. Bahia Aguadulce on the West coast is the "tourist zone" with the greatest concentration of hotels and restaurants. Santa Isabel, to the North of the island, is the main town. For further advice on all these zones see the section about beaches and zones of Providencia.

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