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Hotels in Providencia

Providencia Island has about 20 hotels and guesthouses in total. Many are relatively simple places where locals have converted parts of their homes to accommodate tourists. You can find a list of the hotels in Providencia Island on the right. A brief description of each hotel follows, along with an approximate price for a double room, per night.

Cabanas Aguadulce ($100) - a colourful hotel, but without a sea view.

Cabanas Relax ($140) - a small hotel, with a swimming pool, but without a sea view.

Deep Blue ($240) - small luxury / boutique hotel with beautiful views in Maracaibo Bay (sea front).

El Recreo ($140) - simple cabins on the beach.

Hotel El Encanto ($80) - good value hotel short walk from the beach in aguadulce.

El Pirata Morgan ($100) - a sea view hotel with a swimming pool.

Hotel Sirius ($75) - a good value option that specializes in diving packages (sea view).

Miss Elma ($175) - a small hotel overlooking the sea and very close to the beach.

Miss Mary ($175) - a pleasant beach front option.

Posada Del Mar ($175) - one of the Decameron affiliated hotels (sea front location).

Posada Coco Bay ($70) - a good value little posada hotel (sea front).

Sol Caribe ($240) - chain hotel with swimming pool and sea front location.

South West By Cabanas ($120) - good value hotel near South West Bay (no sea view).

There's various other options too - see the section on guesthouses for details of further options, many of which are cheaper places to stay.

Many of these hotels are affiliated with the hotel chain Decameron, who take their bookings. See the section about Decameron for more information.

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